VINI VEGAS Highlights
Wine Casino - Las Vegas, Nevada
VINI VEGAS Wine Casino
VINI VEGAS® The Ultimate World of Wine Casino Entertainment
Usually all bets are placed and nothing else goes . . .
With "VINI VEGAS®" the games are extravagant parties and everything goes!
A discovery of great wines, sensory exaltation, adrenaline highs, jackpots and a convivial atmosphere are guaranteed !
VINI VEGAS Table Setup
VINI VEGAS Wine Roulette
Typical Events
Fund Raisers
Casino Player's Club
Cocktail Parties
Pool Parties
Employee's Parties
Private Home Parties
Training Seminars
And Much Much More ...
How It Works!
Personalize your event
Unique games for all audiences
Improve your knowledge on wine
Unique and original events
We will make your event unforgettable
Turn your traditional event into an outstanding one
VINI VEGAS® is a combination of the exciting world of Casino, with the sophisticated world of wine. Wine Dealer lead unique games focusing on your senses, memory and luck.
VINI VEGAS Components
Each participant receive his or her wine glass know as the "Festi Glass" and they will use it throughout the exciting testing for hand free convenience. They will also receive a bag of "Vini Chips" to play their bets and participate at the auction.
The VINI VEGAS is an interactive, fictitious game that does not use real money.
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