We provide the answers to frequently asked questions about Vini Vegas casino themed wine tasting parties in Las Vegas, NV.

What is the Concept of VINI VEGAS?

How Much Time is Required for Party Set Up?

Do You Need to be Knowledgeable About Wine in Order to Play?

Do You Supply the Wine or Beer?

What Kind of Wine Do You Use?

Do You Supply the Food?

Do You Provide the Glasses?

What are Your Prices?

How Many People Can Attend Your Parties?

Can I Book an Event Outside Las Vegas?

Can You Customize the Event to my Business?

What is the Maximum Number of People That Can Attend?

Is There a Minimum Number of People Required?

How Long Does the Party Last?

What are Some of the Venues Where Your Parties are Hosted?

Do You Have a Venue?

Do You Bet With Real Money?

How Much Space is Required for a VINI VEGAS Party?

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