How to play


First, each participant receives a glass, a “Hands-Free Kit” for the tasting, personalized with our or your logo or message. Then, VINI-chips® are distributed among the players, giving them access to the gaming tables; no other currency is allowed.

The number of gaming tables installed will depend upon the number of participants. Allow 25 square feet per table where 8 to 10 players can play at each table. The players will be free to walk around and join in at any table that strikes their fancy. Each round will generally take 7-10 minutes, and each table will be equipped to handle as many rounds as necessary, to keep the event running until its conclusion.

To finish off the event, a crazy auction, totally fictitious, is held utilizing the VINI-chips®. The chips are accumulated during the game by the participants (with some assistance from the Wine Dealers), and later they are exchanged for prizes.

The concept is completely interactive, utilizing fun, educational games that do not use real currency.

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